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Money. You Got This.

Aug 27, 2019

Do you trust yourself?

Seriously. Listen in on this interview with Tes Macaraya, a CPA - who came to America with very little. With an amazing mindset, she build a career for herself. One step at a time.

You might even learn something about taxes - and feel better about your tax drama!



  1.   Working with...

Aug 27, 2019

Did you do the extra credit? You forgot? What?

It's time to get some serious CREDIT for your biz.

Learn how to increase your Business Credit and your own FICO with Angela Setters - from Conquer Credit - who has helped like 45,000 (You Think I'm Kidding?) business owners get better at all this stuff.



Aug 26, 2019

Jay Baer? or Bay Jaer? Either way, he is a Marketing Stud.

He's written like 192 best sellers. His most recent book - Talk Triggers - is so simple - and effective.

Imagine if you can track the things that Actually bring in business.



  1.   Jay’s Start
  2.   Hiring the Right People
  3.   Be the Unexpected



Aug 26, 2019

Is marketing just a giant waste of %&*$!

Nope. Not if you IMPLEMENT. And follow through - especially for my dental peeps.

Listen in on some nuggets here with Xana Winans from Golden Proportions!



  1.   Why Dentists Struggle with Marketing
  2.   Where to Start
  3.   The Marketing Plan



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