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Money. You Got This.

Jun 8, 2020

Speaking. One of the best ways to do lead gen for your business.

If you are a dental consultant, check out my interview with Vanessa Emerson.

She runs 2 Dental Speaker Orgs. One super kind lady!


  1. Becoming a Speaker
  2. Creating a Plan
  3. Approaching a Meeting Planner
  4. The Dental Speaking Institute

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Jun 1, 2020

That’s Nacho Cheese. Why?

Cuz Paul Goodman moved your cheese. I think he even ate it. 

He’s a dentist - and he even flosses.

He runs Dental Nachos - an organization that teaches dentists how to be super successful! Check it out!



  1. Life’s Transitions
  2. Origins of the Unknown
  3. A Love of Learning
  4. What Happens...