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Money. You Got This.

Oct 23, 2020

Meet Gov Dordon.

Wait - I got it wrong - it's Dov Gordon.

Prob the humblest biz coach / consultant / sales dewd I know.

You want more sales? Listen in.

Talk about simple? Just implement and learn from the Dov!


  1. Embrace Alchemy
  2. Understanding Clients to Understand Marketing
  3. Meeting a Specific Need


Oct 5, 2020

Does Mark sleep? I don't think so.

Can he do 91 burpees in 17 seconds? Prob.

Mark has built a Dental Enterprise Beast. If you are in dentistry, just listen in - he's got some serious chicken MC 'nuggets for you.

Ready, set Go!


  1. Different People Learn...Differently
  2. The Trial & Error of Growth
  3. Finding Yourself...

Oct 1, 2020

The secret to succeeding in biz? Hint! There is none!

It's about working your system, building up your biz, one day at a time.

Listen in to Marty Levy - learn from him - he is the CEO of an Insurance & Benefits Firm - and a serious Laker fan. Go Lakers.


  1. Pathway to Success
  2. Thinking of Tomorrow
  3. Building a...